Sunday, 6 February 2011

Engine Installation Update

Well, long days and many hours in the hangar have passed and the engine with all its components was hung back onto the Stinson on Saturday 5th Feb.  Kevin has had many hurdles to overcome and he has, with lots of help from his ingenius mate Macca.  They have had to modify fittings from the old engine connections onto the new.  With a new alternator and starter motor snugly fitting into in place (which needed to be fast freighted from the USA) the engine was delivered to its new plane via tractor, winched up and aligned onto the engine mounts without a hitch.

Still lots more to do but at least the departure does not seem impossible.

A visit from our "farm sitters" - John and Elizabeth, finished a great day's work and we completed the day with a lovely meal, lots of great conversation and a few wines.

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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