Saturday, 14 April 2007


Fern Glade - Burnie Gaynor & Us

We woke early and after making a Kevin a cuppa in bed I wandered upstairs to catch up with Gayn before she had to go to work. We had so many years to catch up on. We had kept in touch but hadn’t seen each other for all that time.

Well that hour disappeared quickly so after breakfast and cleaning up we set off to explore Burnie with the use of Gaynor’s car. (Thanks again Campbell & Gayn). We drove into the city of Burnie for a stroll around and ended up buying a long sleeved jumper for Sarah – she was feeling the cold through her WAssie type tops! Burnie is still a very quiet little city but quite a few shops were new. The new surf club on the foreshore was an impressive building as was a new apartment building being built on a rock cliff face.

Gaynor had an appointment in Melbourne the next day so was catching the ship out of Burnie that night. Campbell brought his car home for a swap so that we could have a car to use – and Campbell could see Gaynor off.

As we had the day to ourselves, we drove east out of Burnie for a look then on our return drove up to a pretty Fern Glade where we enjoyed the peace and quiet as well as the crystal cold stream. Sarah was determined to find a platypus or animal of some sort and succeeded in spotting ducks bathing and splashing on the far side of the stream. Looked impressive until we saw what they were.

Later that afternoon we drove up to Jenny & Jeff Newling’s property to visit them. We had seen many photos of their farm from John & Meg however had never been there ourselves. We were taken with their lovely herd of “Hairy cows” Highlanders – who were friendly enough to take apples from your hand. They also had …………..suffolk sheep who do not require shearing as they drop their wool. Their beautiful property also holds a dam where their two boys Jack and “…..” were experimenting with their brand new trick kayak. They were having a great time – but it was about 5 pm - only 8 degrees and they we in shorts only! Brrrrrrrr

Jenny, Jeff and the boys are heading off to China for a holiday in 6 weeks. The plan of their journey was layed out on the table and the photos were very inviting. We enjoyed wine, cheeses and nibbles with them, comparing trip notes and returned home for a meal with Campbell.

We had a kangaroo roast and salad with Campbell before saying our thanks and goodbyes as we were planning to depart next morning.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
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