Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Dick & Margaret En route showers River gorges

Another cool morning in Goulburn but we had agreed to join Margaret in her aqua aerobics session. The pool was indoors and well heated so it was great once in. Sarah and I swam a few laps to warm up then joined M and her two friends in an hour long session of muscle stretching and toning exercises. Well M showed us how flexible and fit you can still be at age 75+. She was great. We felt so much better for having had the exercise.

Kev and Dick had ventured out to the airfield – Kev to fit the transponder (possible fix) and Dick practiced for his display for the up-coming Echeuca Airshow. His display was as good, Kev said, as any pilot half his age. He flies the Stampe as if it were part of his own body. A true showman.

We all got together over lunch and planned the next leg of our travels to Sydney and beyond. Dick and Margaret have flown extensively around Australia so are invaluable in their advise in where to fly for the best scenery and routes.

The flight to Sydney – Bankstown was very pretty via open farming valleys then steep ravines and few rain showers. The entry into Bankstown via the corridor was challenging especially when an eagle appeared right in front of the plane. Just missed it. Bankstown airport was very busy and an adjoining runway with aircraft landing alongside (doing touch and go’s) was a little off putting for Sarah – who is always looking out for other aircraft!
Entry to Bankstown

We packed up lightly – jumped aboard a taxi, then trains until in the city where niece Narelle and her mad friend Monique met us at the train station.

Yeeha time. Off to her place where they had numerous friends and family over for a lunch!? They had awaited main course for us – how nice. Narelle’s brother Aaron and his new lady Saba, together with Jacapo’s parents from Italy – Luciano and Paola were all there. It was so nice to see Claudia again. She is nearly 3 now and so much fun. The roasts of pork and lamp with 8 mixed veggies was delicious especially with all the wines and assorted drinks that flowed. Tiramisu followed and then Kev sampled all the assorted liquers going around. What a fun filled night.

Sarah agreed to be a email pal with Luciano Capabela to help her with her Italian. So now she will email him in Italian (or English if it doesn’t make sense) and Luciano will reply to her in Italian or correct it if needed. His English is quite good and he’s had a very interesting life as a marine biologist.

We retired to our booked hotel – the Cranbrook in Rose Bay for a good nights sleep.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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