Thursday, 3 May 2007



The day’s plan was to all go for a picnic on Tin Can Bay and to see Rainbow Beach. A huge picnic lunch bag was packed by Cathi. Kev, myself & Sam traveled in one car. Mick Cath, Sarah and Ella in the other car.

The morning at Gympie was warm and humid however as we drove through rainforest type country side it became overcast and it rained as we arrived in Tin Can Bay. We parked on the grass in the shelter of trees. Sarah, Ella, self and Bridie chased crabs on the beach with the outgoing tide and jumped puddles whilst Bridie chased her Frisbee.

We ate well of chicken, ham, coleslaw etc followed by apple pie and easter eggs (donated by Ella from her stash).

We drove onto Rainbow Beach and initially walked down onto the beach to check out the sand for driving along. The cliffs were badly eroded and there was nothing in place to protect them from vandalizing humans. Ella and Sar had a great time playing in the dripping water run offs, investigating caves and generally having fun. Ribbons of coloured sands were no longer evident as I had seen back 20 odd years ago. We drove about one third the length of the beach and saw some examples of coloured sands and turned around as the tide was turning. We drove up to the local shops and after an enjoyable icecream we bought sand mementos.
Sarah and Ella in Cave
Rainbow Beach

After leaving the beach we stopped at Stears Creek for a swim in the clear fresh waters. Ella wanted to show us how she could swim but the water was very cold. She did eventually get brave and swim for a short distance sticking close to Sarah. Sam, Sarah and Ella did a lovely short walk down the creek together.
Sam Sar and Ella at Sears Creek

On the trip home we took Sam to see the Stinson then Sam back to her home as Ella was staying with us and Sam had work next morning. A very sad moment for all of us as we didn’t know when we would see her again. Then back to Micks. They had taken Sarah to meet Sonya the animal rehab ghuru for their area. Sarah was totally in awe of this tiny aged woman who has 6 plus joeys in pouches at any one time and 30+ wallabies and roos come in daily for feeding.

We ate pizzas for dinner and retired early ready for our departure next morning.
It had been a great experience to spend such quality time with Mick, Cath, Ella and Sam.

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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