Thursday, 14 April 2011

April 14 – Day in Canberra with the Nells

Up at a reasonable 7.30am, breakfasted and ready to depart we set off in the car for a day at the War Memorial in Canberra.  Dick had advised that certain re-enactments at the Aviation Centre of the WM were very interesting and well worth watching.

A beautiful gum outside War Memorial

Arriving at Canberra about we followed Dick at speed to the appropriate wing of the WM to watch a film showing 1916 biplanes and triplanes dog fighting on 2 x 10 metre wide panoramic screens.  It was very realistic and very confronting.  Another film was the story of the G for George a Lancaster involved in some 70 sorties and the plane is on display for all to see.

We enjoyed a coffee and light lunch in the café then Dick & Margaret left us to look around whilst they attended to some business.

The whole War Memorial displays are all fantastic in their content, different ideas and extent of the coverage of all wars from WW1 to Vietnam.  One interesting section was the Research dept where we found the service records of our families.

We finally departed the WM to take a drive to Parliament House as Kevin had never seen inside it.  We walked through the vast granite filled entry, huge hall ways, the Great Hall and House of Senate to finally take the lift to the roof for the fantastic views.
We drove back to Goulburn to enjoy a quiet time – in Kevin’s case and a walk in my case before heading out again to the Workers Club in town for dinner.  For a very reasonable price we enjoyed a very reasonably priced meal in a lovely setting of rustic pictures and local wool bales.

The next day’s plan is to meet Kim Jones at the airport and see his recently completed homebuilt Vagabond.  We were then heading off to Luskintyre Tiger Moth Club near Maitland.  The weather forecast is not good for the afternoon so we need to leave in the morning.

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