Sunday, 10 April 2011

April 6th Apollo Bay sightseeing

After meeting Karen’s friend Brooke, we packed a lunch and headed out quite early for our big day out.  Kev organized a wheelchair for Nanny because there was to be quite a lot of walking throughout the day.

The first stop was Maits Rest an 800m round walk through the rainforest. Nanny grumped a bit about the chair and at steep points it was safer to let her walk otherwise Kev pushed her up and down the windy paths, stopping at magnificent majestic trees that disappeared up through the canopy to sunlight.  At some very difficult sections we needed 2 locomotives (Vicki too) to push Nan in the wheelchair up through the pathways.

The next point of interest was on the way to Cape Otway Lighthouse.  At or near the Blanket Bay turnoff a colony of koala lived and I spent the driving time with eyes glued to the treetops.  We found them easily of course, because other cars were already stopped to take photos of the sleeping gorgeous furries.

We saw at least 20 individuals of all sizes lazing in tree forks or even splayed along branches with curious eyes looking down at our antics trying to take photos.

We begrudgingly left the colony to drive onto the Cape Otway Lighthouse.  Once arrived and with Nan in the chair we walked around the pathways, first to the old Telegraph House, then on past the keepers house down the path to the lighthouse itself.  It is quite an old lighthouse, being completed in 1847.  Nan courageously climbed the 78 stairs to the top and we were amazed at how windy it was up there because it was a very calm day below at ground level.  The history and layout of all the photos, paintings and video were very interesting. Well worth a visit. 
Nanny & Vicki top Cape Otway Lighthouse

Leaving there we backtracked to the Gt Ocean Road and turned left to see the Apostles.  This section of the road was through thick forest with steep and windy corners and stretches.  We virtually popped out of the bush to see the coastline stretching ahead and behind us.  There were also heaps of buses, cars, bikes and tourists (like ourselves) milling around the kiosk and walkway to the lookouts.  The quiet was interrupted by the constant stream of helicopters taking joy rides over the apostles from a landing area just behind the carpark.

We loaded Nanny (he he) and set off down the easy walk to the lookout points.  The day had remained a brilliant sunny, calm one and we were very appreciative of the opportunity to take excellent photos and see all the landforms in the best light.

We took in as much as we could before returning to the car for the 1 ¼ hour drive back to Apollo Bay.  I prepared the vegetables and put the roast in the oven before taking Gus and Daisy for a quick walk.  I enjoyed the dog’s company and loved looking around Apollo Bay streets.  Everyone was very friendly – greeting me like a local??

Poor Kev fell asleep on the couch after dinner listening to Karen, Nanny and I chatting a little bit more.  (the understatement  of the day!!!!!!)

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