Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 14 Kununurra Markets & rest day

I slept like a log – Dreamt about being home – but awoke rested.  It was our last day in Kun and I wanted to see all there was before moving on.

Our first wish list was the Markets.  Funnily enough Kev and Stu did not want to come so we girls went alone. 
Kun Markets

Taylor Lauder on the motorbike

I enjoyed all the home made soaps, beautiful artworks, mango smoothies, jewellery and lots of other craft stalls. We smelled all the food varieties and waited patiently whilst Taylor had a ride on the merry go-round.  She insisted on riding the motor bike and had to wait for it to be free.

I ran into a resident of Mundijong who was attending the Kimberley Moon – an annual fortnight event of the town.  She was here with the Atwells – our neighbours – how amazing.

Following the markets we strolled through the lovely Art Gallery, then drove to the Sandalwood Factory (hoping for a coffee) and to see the sandalwood products.  Unfortunately the factory was closed for an event so after browsing we went home again.

Kevin had spent the morning at the airport trying to locate some maps.  He met us at home and we decided to go to the Pumphouse Restaurant for lunch.  We left Tay at home (for a sleep) whilst Stu watched his footie match.

Catfish after bread

At the Pumphouse I was impressed with the transformation of the building into a restaurant and the catfish schools were impressive when bread was thrown to them.

Kev wrapped his laughing gear around a huge Waygu beef burger, Cherise enjoyed a chicken wrap and I tucked into a Caesar salad – all of us shared a side serve of wedges. The breeze was a little strong but the view made it bearable. 

After our feast for lunch Cherise took us to the Ivanhoe Crossing where we were amazed at the water level and speed of the water.  

Back home after our last day, we enjoyed the quiet sunset whilst preparing to move on again tomorrow.  We can’t thank Cherise and Stuart enough for their wonderful hospitality and care in making our time in Kun absolutely splendid.  I would truly recommend anyone visiting this area at this time of year.

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Son John n Lizzy said...

Hi guys
hope you had your eyes open on the back of your heads...
Its a lovely spot
see ya
x son

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