Friday, 20 May 2011

May 19 Exmouth snorkeling Turquoise Bay

I slept in (oops) and therefore missed the trip to the airport to collect Andrew.  Kev went with Stevie as he needed to purchase mo-gas to top up the fuel as no Avgas was available.  They popped into collect the test equipment which would be used for checking for the presence of ethanol in the mo-gas.  However upon meeting Rolo (the owner of the local maintenance operation) he offered some avgas at $3.00 per litre.  70 litres was pumped on board which had us set for the trip to Canarvon – fantastic.  No messy decanting of jerry cans was necessary – which would have taken hours.

Back home I had washed clothes and prepared for the day’s snorkel outing.  Stevie had prepared a variety of fresh rolls and fruit – all packed in the esky with ice.

Leigh and Carmen came with us as Andrew and Stevie had plenty to do at home.

Driving north almost to the tip of the peninsular we followed the road around into the beautiful Ningaloo National Park.  The grasses were long and very green with a backdrop of the stunning cliffs of the ranges behind.

We arrived at beautiful Turqoise Bay, quickly unloaded and joined the other beach bums on the small strip of sand – as it was high tide.

Leigh and I were the first to snorkel, then Kevin and I, then Leigh and Carmen , then Leigh and I again – and it was far more vivid and with a huge variety of fish and coral than I remembered.  (Sorry east coasters) The visibility and colours far outshone what we had seen on our Whitsunday snorkel adventure some weeks prior.

The photos from the underwater camera will not be available until we return home and get them developed – hopefully soon and hopefully they will work out!!??
Nephew Leigh Millington

Back home, tired but very happy, we showered and rested until feasting upon a variety of bbq’d meats and the lovely cod (caught by Leigh) served with salads, all prepared by Stevie and Andrew and cooked to perfection by Andrew. 

Andrew and John
Andrew's mate John joined us with his lovely Stinson model aircraft - what a little beauty!

Plans: – only 2 legs to an overnighter at Geraldton then HOME – by Saturday 21st May. Oh how exciting – we are very ready to go home after an epic adventure.

Will this blog get finished?  I do hope so – dear readers.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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