Tuesday, 12 April 2011

April 10 – Tyabb Rest Day

With the weather forecast as it was we decided to unpack our camping gear that we had previously freighted to Pete’s.  Although the day dawned windy the rain had stopped.

Being Sunday the routine was for a late cooked breakfast as soon as Pete returned from the Newsagency.  Irene cooked up hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms.  We decided to call their home the Tyabb Hyatt. 

Whilst everyone else was eating breakfast I took Tibby & Mia for a walk around the airfield.  The wind was quite fresh but the dogs and I had a great time.

The remainder of the day was spent driving to Frankston for storage containers for the camping gear and an eski for the food we would need.  Later that afternoon back at Tyabb, we check packed the Stinson in between watching the Spitfire go for a fly, then Jim Wickham flew his mini Mustang in so Kev and Pete just HAD to drive up to have a chat with him.

The evening was spent with our hosts at Bob and Helen Attwater’s home enjoying a lovely meal together.  Our laughter filled conversation covered everything from today’s youth with piercings and tattoos (something we oldies cannot see the beauty of) to aviation in all its aspects.

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Anonymous said...

Great to read about your travels. Stunning pics. Miss you both. Jude xxx

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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