Sunday, 10 April 2011

April 9th Tyabb – Nanny departs

Nanny taking photo at Lethbridge

The morning arrived, warm and balmy again – with rain forecast.  Nanny and I headed off to the Tyabb Packing Sheds antique stores.  Antiques of all types, from furniture to bric-a-brac, clothing, books etc etc are all held in huge warehouse type sheds.  We wore out Nanny’s legs wandering through all the stores until she had to finally collapse back in the car for a rest.  If we had the time, space and money we could have sent a container load of stuff back home…… hehe.

Pete kindly took some time off work to drive with us to Tullamarine Airport to put Nanny on the plane home.  He and Irene had also given Nanny a brand new walking frame that was no longer needed by their family.  So she had no excuse not to use one now!!

We then had to drive to Moorabbin airport to purchase oil for the Stinson.  The freeways and highways were very well layed out and we had a good look around all the surrounding suburbs.

It commenced raining and continued most of the evening.  The forecast was for rain for the next 4 days.

The evening was spent at the Marina Hotel in Hastings with the Taberner families:- Graham and Jenny, Craig, Lara & Annabelle and Rob and Nola Wettonhall.  The restaurant specialized in seafood so I had prawns and scallops Singapore (lightly curried sauce). Kev had a steak with seafood sauce and everyone else was very pleased with the quality of the meals. The Hotel was very popular and we would highly recommend it.
Barister Pete making a cappuccino

The evening was capped off with a cappuccino at home.

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