Sunday, 10 April 2011

April 8th Lethbridge to Tyabb via City

The plan for the day was to fly via Melbourne (staying just over the water OCTA) to the Tyabb airfield where we were to stay with Peter and Irene Bernardi.

After a lovely morning at Geelong viewing the both the Wool & Ford Museums,

Early model Ford

Lara & Annabelle

Lara drove us to Lethbridge airfield and we packed all the luggage and ourselves back into Big Bird, said our goodbyes (especially to gorgeous 20month old Annabelle) for the flight.
We departed at 1.35pm in 8/8s blue sunny day with the temp about 26 degrees – perfect.  We flew NE to the coast with the city opening out on our left.  There was a little smoke haze but the buildings were very visible and quite spectacular.  We banked gently right to fly around Pt Phillip Bay then left to track directly to Tyabb airfield.

Nanny on flight past Melbourne City
The flight was very enjoyable being that Nanny Milly had never seen Melbourne city or the Bay from the air at close range (at 1,500 ft) and this was her last flight before returning to Hobart.

Landing at 2.18pm – just a short 45 minute flight – it took the total hours flown since Perth to 27.  Just right for a maintenance day.


Kevin immediately started removing cowls after settling in I helped Kev with the maintenance then Mum and I prepared for her departure.

A friend Bob Attwater had offered us the use of his car so Pete took us up to his home to catch up and collect the car.  His property is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous gardens, a beaut pool, with a lovely outlook and very well maintained.  After a coffee, chat and walking around the gardens Bob saw us off with his car.  (What a great friend he is!)

Pete and Irene run the Tyabb Newsagency (Best little NA on the Peninsular) and work until quite late therefore Friday evenings were normally concluded by having Fish and Chips for dinner.  So, who were we to break their routine?  We all enjoyed huge pieces of fish, potato cakes, dim sims and copious amounts of chips. What a feast! YUM YUM
There goes the healthy living again!

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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