Sunday, 17 April 2011

April 17 – Luskintyre to Tamworth

The morning sky showed patches of blue between the clouds with quite a high cloud base.  After an all-in breakfast – mainly poached eggs cooked by Vince – the cleaning up and packing began for departure.

I took a long walk, (suffering a case of the sads cause it was my birthday and Kev had forgotten) saw some lovely Alpacas (one tiny cria) and beaut views of miles and miles of rolling hills in the distance.  Meanwhile Kevin moved the Stinson out, loaded her up and socialized with the Luskin crew.

Kevin W showed us through his cottage which is undergoing an addition of bedroom and ensuite.  It was lined with rough hewn timber with a polished original timber floor.  The fittings were all found at op shops and recycling centres and included the Kooka wood stove, cast iron heater, original sinks, claw foot baths (2) and the bathroom ceiling lining was corrugated iron.  It was truly homely and very comfortable.  It also boasted a cellar which held his wines and was used as a dining room on occasions.

We departed Luskintyre at 11.14am with a final flypast and headed off up the valley.  Countless massive coal mines dotted the landscape while we climbed to the cloud base of 3,000 feet.

Coal mine Hunter Valley

Heading for the hills

Arriving at Tamworth

Passing Musselbrook and Scone, our track took us up mountain valleys with rugged hills each side and little villages amongst farmland.  We experienced some rather severe mountain turbulence which had Vicki out of her seat (loose seatbelt), before descending into Tamworth’s wide open tableland.  With a right base onto runway 12R we landed at 12.10 pm gaining ample and willing assistance from the Tower boys.  We taxied to the fuel bowser then requested directions to a tie down bay.  A local gent – Stewart Kedar - offered us both information and help by giving us a lift into town and finding a suitable motel for the evening.  He later sent us beautiful photos of the Stinson at TW airport. 
photo by Stewart Kedar

Lizard sculpture in Bicentennial Park
We spent the afternoon quietly before taking a walk down town to see the end of the Tasting Extravaganza in the Bicentennial Park and past the pond with amazing granite animal and bird sculptures.  After purchasing smoked salmon, jam and a very healthy fruit/vege juice we wandered back through the lovely wide streets of Tamworth before partaking drinks, cheese and biscuits to celebrate my birthday. 

All daggers were removed from Kevin’s back after his bad start to today when he forgot my birthday!!!  See photo of him hanging from the yardarm atop the tower!
I really did want to hang him!

Tomorrow – the National Quarter Horse Show is on in town.  We are going.  Yippee!


Son John n Lizzy said...

Hi Vick
dont forget your lovely new ring.... Easily beats a "Happy Birthday". Seriously though, Happy Happy birthday my friend xxx love Son

Tom Browell said...

Happy Birthday Vicky, glad the trip is going so well!!


Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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