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April 18 – Tamworth AELEC & Touristing

It was nice to feel warm when we left the motel and headed out with Russell (the bestest Taxi drive in Tamworth) to the brand new Australian Equestrian Complex where the National Quarter Horse Show was being held.

AELEC Tamworth

Inside AELEC

AELEC indoor arena

The programme for the day was reining classes for juniors, rookies and open.  We were so impressed with the design and enormity of the building.  The stable complex held 400 horses. There were 2 full size outdoor warm up arenas, 1 indoor warm up round arena with spectator seating.  The indoor arena held spectator seating and room for supplier’s display cubicles.

We sat and watched lots of competitors warming up – some achieving awesome slide stops and roll backs in readiness for their patterns.

As it was cold inside we went out for a look at the stables and warm up arenas.  The temp was about 26 degrees so very comfortable for us.  After thawing out we bought a lovely coffee and went back inside to watch the competition.

Not knowing one good reining pattern from a bad one, we were impressed with the correct circles at various speeds, the stops and one-the-spot spins and then the sliding stops.  The judge’s scores were all within 4 points for 5 competitors and we couldn’t pick the difference.  One competitor received a zero score – and we couldn’t see what she had done wrong….poor girl.      

There was such a variety of awesome looking QH’s.  I was quite taken with the chestnut sorrel with roaning and full blaze and stockings.  His rider seemed very in tune with him and he was a pleasure to watch.

AQHA Hall of Fame

After taking in the AQHA headquarters Hall of Fame,  we walked a few blocks passing the Regional Entertainment Centre to the Golden Guitar Museum and Coffee Shop. 
Regional Entertainment Centre

Us at the Golden Guitar Museum
We thoroughly enjoyed the wax museum of country singers, both old and new. 
Smokey Dawson wax figure

It was well worth the visit.

Calling our friendly taxi driver, Russell, we headed back into Tamworth for a quick repair job at the optometrist to my spectacles, which had fallen apart.  We then enjoyed wandering the busy main street – window shopping and picked up a windcheater each for $2.50.  Such big expenditure!!

Following the restful afternoon we walked from the motel down town to investigate eateries.  Kevin had noticed a rump steak dinner at a pub and luckily for him it was the first one we came to that was still open.  It was a lovely old style pub with dark wooden décor.  Kevin enjoyed his steak whilst I polished off salt & pepper squid (calamari) with salad.

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