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April 22 – Bli Bli, Woombye, Landsborough, Caloundra to Gympie

After a late start we set off with Barry and Ann for a lovely drive up the mountains behind Nambour.  Stopping at various look-outs along the way we were astounded with the breath taking views consisting of steep valleys, ridges and valleys as far as the eye could see.

Our first stop was Le Coq (A Rooster) café, gift shop, private car museum and nursery - something for everyone.  Ann and I separated immediately from the boys and browsed our way through the quaint gift shop – lovely items – I wish I had bought something, whilst Kb & Barry perused the vintage car collection.
At one particular lookout we could see cities in the distance, every point north and south on the coast and the ocean. 

We walked down to the lookout at Kondalilla Falls – a very eerie position overhanging the cliffs. 

Arriving at Lansborough we walked through quaint little shops and were fascinated by the candy making.  It was great to see this art has not been lost by the trades people. The experts were stretching and adding flavours to the candy and when finished it became chocolate filled crunchy bites of warm candy.  Mmmm what a flavour buzz.   
We also looked through the chocolate and fudge shop.  Taste buds drooling.

We drove on to a very popular picnic spot the Mary Cairncross Park, where we enjoyed coffee and homemade cake and biscuits (mmmmm – I forgot to get the recipes).  The main interest at this park is the access to various walks through the rainforest.  The walks took longer than we had left so we walked some way and returned.  We saw an adult and young pademelon and heard the green catbird calling in the area.  It sounded just like a baby’s cry.

As the plans were to see the Qld Air Museum at Caloundra before flying off to Gympie, we set off again, enjoying the fascinating scenery all the time.

There were over 40 aircraft, numerous engines multiples of display cabinets on all aeronautical paraphernalia.  Its variety and vastness is well worth the visit especially as it is maintained totally by volunteers.

Back to the Stinson in her tie down area, we untied and pulled her onto the tarmac to find the tailwheel almost flat.  Barry had brought his compressor with him to pump up a slightly flat main tyre, we knew we had, but then found the tailwheel valve stuck and had lost all of its air.

Ann & Barry our saviours at Caloundra
At that time Seth Lees, an aircraft model builder had joined us to view the Reliant as he was building a scale replica.

With Seth’s help and Barry’s expertise in remodeling a right angle valve fitting they were able to inflate the tyre again. Whew…..

Dragging ourself into the air at about 4pm we called Sunshine Coast tower for permission to fly through their controlled airspace.  At our suggestion they also allowed a pass down the airstrip at 500ft agl to allow them a good look.  What lovely people.
Noosa Head

We cruised up the coast marveling at the beautiful beaches and coastal housing.  Turning inland and overflying Tony White’s strip we noted rain ahead but luckily it was west of Gympie.  Within minutes we joined on a wide left base for rw 14 and settled back to earth.

Mill (Vicki’s No.4 brother) was there to meet us, collected our gear, tied the Stinson down and headed off to Sam’s for dinner.

Gympie Airfield

10 year old Ella rushed out to meet us.  It had been 4 years since we saw her last.  She had grown heaps – especially her hair – but she is still the same gorgeous looking blond giggly girl.  She leapt up on me and gave the bestest huge hug.

We dined like kings that evening as Sam had prepared a beautiful feast.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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