Tuesday, 26 April 2011

April 23 – Rattler Steam Train Gympie

We spent the previous evening suggesting pastimes for today and changing our minds constantly.  Finally we all agreed on the Valley Rattler Steam Train Ride from Gympie to Imbil.

The plan was to meet at Gympie train station at 10am however when Mill arrived there at 9.30 the train was just leaving.  We decided to reconnoiter and drive to Dagun and catch the train there. 

 It was only a short drive and plenty of other holiday makers were there enjoying the offerings from the station eg fruit smoothies, cheese and wine tasting.  It was a lovely little historic station.

The Rattler came puffing into the stop and we were allocated carriage A which had full width seating.  That was great because we could move from side to side as the view demanded.  The smoke and soot from the engine was very thick and occasionally came right into the carriage but it was fun until Isabella got some soot in her eye.  Luckily Mill with good eyesight and a damp tissue was able to pluck the offending piece out.

Isabella Mill Sam and Kev enjoying the train

Arriving at Gympie station I was so impressed with the building design and plants.  It looked really period and attractive. 

Gympie Historic Station
Upon being told that there would be a 1.5 hour turnaround we decided to drive back to Dagun and then continue which we did. Whilst waiting for the boys to return we wandered down the station to look at the tracks from the overpass bridge - only to note the sign which said:- "Number of persons allowed on this bridge at one time - Two".  We elected to stay on the ground. 
Gympie hotel and railbridge

On down the valley through the towns of Imbil and  until we came to a market day in Kennelworth.  We stopped for a quick browse and found mango yoghurt and some cheese.

Returning back to Mill’s car in Dagun he and I separated from the rest and stopped by his property to feed the cats – Biscuit (Barrell) and her son Boof -a big fluffy grey and white.  They enjoyed walking with us around the property to the gate, around the dam and back to the bus for a feed. 

Back at Sam’s we settled in for a rest while she slaved over the stove and prepared a roast chicken dinner with gravy for us.  She really enjoyed having someone to cook for.  We finished with apple pie, icecream and cream. 

Feeling very spoilt and full we went to bed enjoying the warm night of about 18 degrees.

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