Tuesday, 26 April 2011

April 24 – Gympie Markets, Local Fly and 4WD

Yeeha – I was finally getting browse time around the markets.  Kevin’s love of these places has not yet been found (hehe) but we dragged him along with us all….Mill included.

And guess who found the first bargain?…..Kevin.  We had been astounded by Sam’s twizzle thingy which peels, cores and slices apples in one simple action.   Kev found one at the first stall of shed tools and bits and he bought it for $7.00 half the marked price. Still a bargain hunter.

I wandered around mainly looking for light cotton tops/skirts because the acrylic ones were still too hot.

Isabella found Tenterfield Terrier puppies and got to hold and play with the runt of the litter.  He was verrrrry cute.

Heading back to the airfield, Kevin had asked if everyone would like a fly around the town in the Stinson.  Everyone jumped at the opportunity and Issy was very excited.  All loaded up, belted in and away we flew enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the sight of Gympie from the air.  We flew over Sam’s house, Issy’s school and Mill’s property.
It was pure pleasure to see the joy on Isabella’s face.

Coming into land at Gympie

A very happy Isabella with Mill and Sam
(Not many photos from this day as the battery went flat) 

Back on the ground, the local instructor Jennifer offered us hangarage for the Stinson which was gladly taken up. 

At a local roadhouse we enjoyed a quick sandwich, hamburger, meat pie or chips – depending upon which of the healthy or unhealthy one/s you were…..

We attempted to drive up to the local lookout which went past the swimming holes.  It was very steep and muddy in areas which made the driving rather tricky but Mill’s Range Rover coped easily.  We had gone over 6 kms when we found a tree across the road which caused us to turn around before the summit.  A bit disappointing but the 4wheel driving was well worth it.  It was such an exciting trip – even back down.  Back at the swimming holes we stopped for a short rest and walk up the rocks to stretch our legs.

What an action packed day we had.

Back at Sam’s we found the silverside she had put in the slow cooker before we left in the morning had cooked to perfection.  We had fun drinking wine whilst preparing the main meal which was a potato bake, various veggies (prepared by me – big deal), parsley and onion sauce, then an exquisite almond, strawberry cake dessert which turned out perfectly. 

Ensuring that I served my own portions made me enjoy all the meal without being stuffed full. Unlike Kevin who had enjoyed full cooked breakfasts every morning and huge helpings each evening.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
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