Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 11 Katherine to Kununurra

We were treated like diplomats.  Collected from our hotel by RAAF staff we were delivered back to our Stinson in style.  Thanks so much to the girls – they were lovely company on the drive back.

Just out of Katherine

All aboard! - once again – we were held up for quite some time for taxi approval then departure.  Lifting off in the lovely clear air we headed westward toward WA.  The ground changed from rolling hills with sparse vegetation to flat topped, strikingly beautiful gorges. 

The bright blue rivers stood out against the red and green earth.  I just imagined hundreds of crocodiles living in the rivers waiting for their unsuspecting dinner to come along.

About 100 miles from Katherine the country changed to steeper gorges with vertical cliffs.  The Victoria River station gorge was so wide we were able to safely fly down amongst the cliffs.  The sight was truly spectacular and the photos do not really do it justice.

We passed tiny Timber Creek and then were in WA.  YIPPEE

Only some 80nm later we arrived at Kununurra.  The town was spread along the river and the greenery made it look very tropical.  We had gained 1 ½ hours due to the time change.

As pre-arranged we parked at the Alligator Airways hangar to commence the 25 hourly.  The owner Rob and Chief Engineer Adam were both very co-operative and helpful.

Kununurra Airport
I made a quick lunch for Kevin just in time for Cherise and Taylor to collect us.  Cherise is a past long-time employee of Kevin’s from his AW days and we hadn’t seen her for ages.  Her daughter Taylor is a gorgeous 3 yo (4 in August) and had us immediately wound around her little finger.

We left Kevin to complete his service whilst we shopped for food then came home to their paradise property for washing and a rest.

After collecting Kevin from the airport – just on dark – and nearly getting lost on the way back to their property we sat down to the most beautiful Thai Beef Salad dinner.  Cherise loves to cook and Wow, the dish really showed this.  The beef was cooked to perfection by Stuart (on the barbe) and Cherise prepared the salad and dressing.  (Recipe available from me….. he he)

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
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