Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 12 Kun Shopping Day and River Boat run

Taylor had today at Day Care and Stu was working so Kev, Cherise and I had the morning to ourselves.

Coffe at Ivanhoe Cafe

Cherise had great ideas – a necessary stop was the Kimberley Diamond shop plus many more local attractions.  We browsed the multitude of uniquely designed diamond jewellery including many coloured diamonds.  I was in my element and “could” have spent thousands – if I was allowed.  However before long it was time to head off for a morning tea at the Ivanhoe Cafe.  The tables were under huge spreading Mango trees and we ordered coffees and a “snack” to enjoy whilst catching up with all the news.  Kevin enjoyed a steak pie whilst I had mango cheesecake with our cappuccinos.

Arriving back at their lovely home, Stu advised he had finished work for the day and could take us for a run up the river in their 22ft motor boat.  All packed, we drove to the ramp and launched the boat for a lovely run up the river which is now actually a dam.  The dam outlets are open due to the heavy rainfall they had and the torrent of water coming down made the speed of the water course amazingly fast.  We motored up past magnificent “elephant rock” formation, a multitude of cliffs and amazing sights. 
3yo Taylor enjoying her boat trip

Lauder family boat

Elephant Rock (See it?)

We stopped in a quiet cove away from the main river course and feasted on biscuits, dips, olives, cheeses etc whilst enjoying the ambience and solitude of the scenery.  The water was too cold for a swim so we headed back for home as the sun was setting sending amazing colours over the landscape.

Stu had indoor cricket to play so we dropped him there and bought a few simple Chinese dishes for dinner. (We weren’t really hungry)  The lemon chicken and chili prawns with rice was very nice.
A bathroom visitor at Cherise

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Son John n Lizzy said...

I couldn't see the elephant before but now Ive had a bottle of wine it as cleer asa belll..
x son

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