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May 16 Broome – Sightseeing

We were kept awake during the night in the backpackers dive by mice rusting around in our bags. YUK.  We got out of there as quickly as possible and walked down to the Roebuck Hotel and went on the waiting list for a room.  We left our luggage and walked into Chinatown again to enjoy a coffee.  We soon had a room available so went back to check in – Oh how nice to have a clean airy room. (he he)

Back into the town we purchased bus day tickets and caught the bus for a tour of the town, Cable Beach and surrounds.  Kev needed to buy another av. chart so headed off to the airport whilst I wanted to wander through the myriad of clothing, souvenir, art galleries and pearl shops!  We parted company – he went one way whilst I browsed and browsed to my hearts content.  We met again to have lunch – Kev a meat pie (again YUK) and I enjoyed a berry fruit smoothie. 

Wandering happily from one pearl shop to the next I was amazed at how big all the pearls were in 95% of the shops.  With their huge price tags of course.  I cannot wear neither large rings nor earrings and love the creamy ivory coloured fresh water pearls.  I finally found some drop earrings and studs at a reasonable price and was very happy with my purchases.  Kevin wasn’t so happy L.

Kevin had not finished at the museum so whilst waiting for him to return I just HAD to try the homemade icecream shop. One chocolate and one peanut butter brittle scoop totally appeased my sweet cravings and I enjoyed it whilst watching the passing parade of Broome’s various coloured residents.  When Kev returned, he too just had to have an icecream, the same.

The next stop was the Japanese cemetery which was very well maintained despite the damage done by vandals. 

We had our photo taken by a passing gent who turned out to be a Buddhist monk – a good sign?

 Back on the bus we went to Cable Beach for the famous sunset.  We had about 1 hour walking on the vast sand due to it being low tide.  We watched the 3 trains of camels heading off on their sunset ride.  I loved taking photos of the snooty looking good-looking camels. 
Camel rides on Cable Beach

Crab art on Cable Beach

The sun started setting and all I can say is WOW.  Though the staircase to the sun was not hugely evident however we were blown away by the variety of colours as it set.  Yes another tick off from the Bucket List.

We caught the bus back into town to go to the Sun Open Air Movies.  Rio – a kids movie was showing at 6.20pm and we arrived just in time for the start.  If you liked Ice Age, go see it – very funny.
Kevin and Chris Wright

Outside immediately after the film we were met by ex Army Nasho Service days’ friend, Chris Wright.  Kevin and he hadn’t seen each other in approx. 35 years however knew each other by sight the minute they set eyes on each other.

With his friend, Deanne we set off to Matso’s Boutique Brewery Restaurant where, (luckily for us) it was Curry Hut night.  Kev elected to order otherwise and chose salmon whilst we received serves each of the prawn, beef and vegetable curries served with rice, papadams, a yoghurt raita and chutneys.  We tried the Ginger Beer (alcoholic) whilst Chris enjoyed his stout like beer.  A great evening catching up on each other’s lives.

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Son John n Lizzy said...

We have great memories of Matsos.Some scenes in the movie Brand Nue Dae were filmed there too. The girl behind the bar was in it. Makes me want to go back.. Dont forget to see if you can walk out to the plane wreckage in the bay...
See you soon x son

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