Friday, 20 May 2011

May 17 Broome to Port Hedland

As the Hotel does not serve breakfast we walked into Johnny Chi Lane to a café that was open.  Many workers were finishing their egg and bacon rolls whilst we ordered raisin toast, fruit salad with yoghurt.

Chris collected us to take us to the airport and view the Stinson.  Deanne came over as well on her way to work.  They were very impressed with our mode of transport with Chris vowing to get his license – one day soon.

Bye Broome

coastal cliffs

Departing Broome at 9.25am we were given a right turn over the town before tracking south over the water.  The swirling sandy coloured water showed nothing of it’s depth nor of any possible fish life lurking under there.

We climbed to 2,500ft and once again had a tail wind of 15k which stayed with us all the way down the coast to Hedland.

Arriving just after midday we were afforded hangar space in Keith Russell’s operation (Golden Eagle Airlines) and joined Keith and Mary for coffee and catchup.

Keith escorted us to their home in South Hedland and left us with a car to explore the Hedland sites during the afternoon.

We purchased a take away lunch and sat in the town centre park immediately adjacent to the wharf.  There were 18 ships waiting at sea to come in however no movements happened whilst we sat there.  We then drove through the new subdivision of South H – Pretty Pool and viewed the 2 storey houses mainly constructed from colourbond.   

We then drove out to a local attraction Rocks On (or was it Off?) to see local stone ornaments, carvings and jewellery as well as imported stone artifacts.  Much to Kev’s disgust I found a lovely little tray with gum leaf styled handles and purchased it.

Rim Engineering truck at Hedland
We visited Alan, Maca's representative in the NW. Maca is our wonderful sponsor for this trip.

We dined with the Russells at the 4 Seasons restaurant where I enjoyed a calamari and chorizo salad. Kev dined on a lamb salad, Keith enjoyed a chicken pasta dish and Mary’s choice was bbq ribs.  My meal was exquisite in variety of tastes and very enjoyable.

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Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL

Stinson Reliant SR8C VH-UXL
over Perth city (Photo: Greg Hill)

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